Real estate listing webapplication using the Java EE platform

OData support
Dévai István Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The internet revolutionized our lives in many ways. Nowadays governments, companies and even we ourselves depend on this very network. The success of the worldwide web effected software development as well. During the past two decades the interest in web based application development has significantly increased. I would mention milestones like the JavaScript’s debut in 1995 or the introduction of the Servlet 2.2 along with the J2EE in 1999.

Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) has become one of the most widely-used technologies for server side application development. As its name suggests, Java EE aids the development of enterprise applications offering solutions to such needs as scalability, multithreading, persistence and so on using different APIs. Besides, it supports multi-threading, high availability and platform independence.

The goal of this thesis is to get acquainted with Java EE through the development of a certain web application. This application is a real estate advertising portal where users can advertise and search for real estates. Compared to other similar applications, the portal provides a unique map service using Google Maps. Thus, writing this thesis not only did I learn about Java Enterprise Edition, but I also learnt about the Google Maps Javascript API and Google’s geocoding service. I believe the development of this portal is a good example for common problems that occur during the design and implementation of such applications as well as the technologies and tools to solve them.


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