Development of a Java based application for supporting office seat reservation

OData support
Hartung István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In an office, most people work in office time, so from 8-9 am. to 4-5 pm. There are mixed offices, where people may work in shifts, and nowadays it’s getting popular to work from home. This trend must be followed by IT systems as well. This is how the idea of the system I am going to write about came up.

The consequence of working from home is that there are fewer workers in that particular workplace. The reaction of the enterprise could be to hire more workforces, although there’s a risk that too many people may decide to go in to the office and they can not get a seat because all of them is taken by somebody. This system is capable of reducing this problem as it keeps track of the status of seats. It helps to decide whether to start off or the office is (about to) run out of free seats. It also helps to find a free seat when the worker is already at the reception. The system supports fix and flexible seats, lets managers know how many seats are not fully utilized. It is possible to operate it with minimal effort, however it doesn’t deprives users from making a unique decision. One of the most important design principles was that this all only requires setting up some personal preferences, and then it can be used even with one badge identification daily, so it should not make everydays more difficult.

The solution contains client softwares and a web tier, that use a database based on IBM DB2 which models reality well. Among the used technologies, we can find Java SE, Java EE (Servlet, JSP), and the up-to-date AJAX technology which provides flexible browsing experience. Hardware requirement is flexible, and the system can be accessed even remotely.


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