Developing Java technology based social network with mobile support

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Students at universities had to face a serious problem: by introducing the Bologna Process, friends studying at the university's same department were socially separated by different timetables. Our solution, the BME Social is a university-specialized social network. Its purpose is to re-connect these friends by providing a place where these students can interact. By this system, studies and recreational activities are easily scheduled.

I started this project with my colleague, Bálint Lóránd. He developed the iPhone mobile client side of this server-client based solution. My job was to develop, to implement and to test the server side components. For creating a more commonly accessible system I developed a captivating, Web browser interface. I used a well-known persistence layer over a widespread database system. The server-client communication was based on the old-fashioned, but still reliable Web protocols. Continuing this perspective we chose regular data structures in which the raw data were embedded. We provided the good scalability and the possibility of continuing the project by these decisions.


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