The Design and Development of a JavaFX based Map Solution

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays with the spreading of client applications, the upper limit of the abilities of map-based solutions has been raised. A window opened for creating new, exciting applications, which, thanks to the abilities of the graphical interface offered by JavaFX, can grant rich content to the users. That is exactly why the topic of this thesis is creating a complex map-based application on the JavaFX platform.

Raw map data is supplied by the OpenStreetMap API, its fullest possible utilization is one of the goals of this thesis. Another important goal is offering rich user content, for example placing markers on any positions, attaching pictures, videos to these markers, locating particular types of amenities (restaurants, museums, clubs, hospitals, shops, etc.) in a given radius of a given location, generating routes between marked points, and persistently storing data and markers created by the user.

Another goal is tight integration with the Facebook social network: users logged in with their Facebook-identification will see whether their friends are online, and can share different contents from within the application.

During development I encountered many technologies that were new for me. JavaEE development, configuring a Tomcat webserver, using Maven project management tool, using Git version management tool, handling, developing, compiling multi-module projects, editing JavaFX based graphical interface files (FXML). These technologies proved to be very useful, they made the development easier, and, in many cases, possible.

The application created as the result of this development completely satisfies the goals and requirements that were provided earlier. It is operating as requested, the server side’s throughput is high, and the database’s response time is low. The thesis will be about the introduction, inspection and usage of these elements.


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