Developing a cloud based data synchronisation service with JavaScript

OData support
Jánoky László Viktor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays JavaScript based technologies are getting more and more popular on both server and client sides. Thus in the current situation of the world it is almost impossible to be successful in the area of web development without any JavaScript knowledge. Moreover the recent improvements and effects brought on by cloud based technologies are also huge. These days all of our electronic devices download data from the cloud and upload data to it. Pictures - that are made by our smart phones - are almost immediately synchronized to our desktops although the desktop and the smart phone are far away from each other in the physical reality.

During the work my purpose was to dig as much as I could in to the web based JavaScript technologies and to build a database synchronization method between hardware elements based on these technologies. Thus the hardware elements are going to be used in physiotherapy area there will be a lot of requirements against the system, like big amount of data, frictionless UI, high availability etc. All of these together, this documentation brings through the reader on the solving process of an interesting and challenging problem.


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