Application of JavaScript-based game development frameworks

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Dr. Hanák Péter
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The decline of mental abilities is causing much bigger and bigger problems later in life and strengthens with age. The life expectancy keeps rising, so the problem concerns more and more people. The decline of mental abilities is a natural process, but it often becomes chronic. The methodical training of our mind can moderate the deterioration of our abilities. A possible way of keeping our mind fresh besides medical treatment is training our mind with logical games. With the spread of computers and computer networks computerized games are becoming more and more popular. Since the February of 2013 I have been participating in the M3W – Maintaining and Measuring Mental Wellness project at BME EMT. The main objective of the project is maintaining and measuring the mental abilities and presenting the measured data to appointed people (family, friends, doctors). The games have to be very simple because the elderly are not familiar with the computer technology. The basic computer procedures are not so obvious for the elderly as for the younger generations. The use of web technologies has proven to be the most user friendly solution. The HTML5 standards are handy to create simple logic games but it is quite hard to use them. As a game developer you can make your life much easier if you use an HTML5 based game development framework. The number of available frameworks is outstanding. In my thesis I will present the M3W project, two JavaScript based game development frameworks, their benefits and drawbacks. Afterwards, I will create a game with the help of a framework and then I will create the same game, but with a different framework. After this I will compare the frameworks with each other using my experience gained from the game development.


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