Development of a recordkeeping system for chemists

OData support
Somogyi Ferenc Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

With the continous spread of IT technology, software specializing in digitized storage and maintenance of various documents have become increasingly common. Manual work can be made easier by switching from paper-based administration to an electronic one. There are several benefits to this process that make it more convenient, such as faster search between stored documents, or the automatic validation of input data. In many cases, important information still remains in the form of traditional paper-based documents. Switching from paper-based document management to an electronic solution is not a simple task, since we also need to consider the not necessarily functional needs of the users.

In my thesis, I present an application I made for PhD students of the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology of the Technical University of Budapest (BME-VBK). The application is intended to replace paper-based reports used to observe chemical reactions.

During the course of various chemical reactions and observations, chemistry students prepare reports of the observed phenomena. This includes recording the chemicals, materials used, how much of it was used, what products were generated during the reaction, and of course describing how the results were achieved.

The completed system is a thick client application that stores chemical reactions and related data in a database. The primary goal of this application is to replace paper-based recordkeeping. In order to achieve this, the application can generate reports in Microsoft Word format from the input, provide systemized storage, and automate multiple calculations.


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