Resident presence simulation in a smart house environment

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Dr. Dobrowiecki Tadeusz Pawel
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays information technology fades into our personal environment as a kind of service, but not anymore as an appliance. Embedded intelligence, built into articles for personal use, can provide us with much advantage in both the decreasing amount of time used for operating them and the effectiveness of work provided by them. People of modern times need intelligent services in an ever increasing degree.

Nowadays automatized public places and living areas help our work and well being. In the automatized spaces virtual assistants can be embedded as surrogates of skilled nurses, guarding people who are in need of care, and also in the homes for periods of time the owners are out as a protection against burglary. Safety technology based on simulation of presence is not entirely a novelty, though solutions applied so far cannot be called intelligent.

In my theses, after having studied current solutions for automation and simulation of presence, I introduce an integrated simulation solution which is based on a multi-agent system and script theory. Using agents which apply scenarios, we can design sequence of steps for the presence simulating activities to be done by an automating smart home system in a quite intuitive way.


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