Development of Jira test case design and management framework with Angular frontend

OData support
Dr. Villányi Balázs János
Department of Electronics Technology

This thesis focuses on the web application I created that supports test case design and management. Working as a quality assurance tester I shed some light on the lack of support for the test design phase in the testing process. While there is a central, widely accessible tool for managing projects and monitoring the testing, we do the planning in a simple spreadsheet.

I did some research to familiarize myself with the theoretical background of the testing, and I also analyzed the methodology in practice. The analysis focused on the shortcomings of the current process. Taking into account the guidelines of the literature, the current methodology and its shortcomings, I aimed to create a new process that satisfies all aspects. However, I only made modifications based on the problems found as the whole process was not indented to be changed. With the web application it is now possible to design test cases more transparently and to modify them at a later point; furthermore, some part of the execution can be automated.

The tool has been implemented in the form of a web application which helps manage the project and keep track of the testing. I tried to employ advanced technologies, hence I implemented the client site in the Angular and the server site in the Java Spring framework, while date management is done in a MySQL database. In my thesis I present the technologies in more detail and describe the implementation process and the structure of the application. I also discuss how to perform the test, and after a brief evaluation I outline my development plans.


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