Developing Authorization Management for Hungarian SMEs

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Dr. Fehér Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In my thesis I realized an identity management system which can be used in the Hungarian small entrepreneur environment and I also created an identity management application for its demonstration.

Overviewing the specialized literature I got to know the basic concepts and challenges of the identity management. In addition I studied the structure and applied methods of internationally used (corporate and public administration) identity management systems. I show some known corporate and open source systems and two Hungarian examples to illustrate the problems arising by linking several different systems. I also reviewed their advantages and disadvantages.

Using the acquired knowledge and external consultants' practical advices I established an identity management system which can offer solution for authorization, approval, logging and monitoring.

At first I planned a database model based on this methodology, then I created a web application for the effective management of the database and for the realization of the business logic process. The application planned and created by me is able to centrally store elementary rules and roles existing in different systems and it is able to realize the request process of expanding a position with optional role.

I tested the completed application by uploading basic data and simulating a role requesting process. The whole process of establishing the application is described in details in this thesis.


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