Development of a software module for checking the role owner’s employment in SAP R/3 systems

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

Every company that implemented an integrated ERP system should make efforts on the methodology and the management of authorization tasks more efficient.

The topic of the following thesis is common strategies of managing authorizations, and the GRC software system - which is the security solution of SAP – will be introduced in details.

GRC systems provides a standard decision-making process to approve access requests for the SAP system. The request process takes place at two or three levels depending on the system type where the access was requested for. This paper focuses on the authorized approvers who are assigned to the appropriate workflow stages in the approval process. The third approval is the role owner who has the authority to approve or reject the authorization request based on business process.

Companies today have to face the challenges of high fluctuation within human resources. Therefore the role owners of authorized approvers often change. The main problem is whenever an employee with a role owner function leaves the company, this status will not transferred automatically to the corresponding associate.

The major concern of my program is to check the active status of the role owners and to send mail notification to the security operations team if intervention is necessary.

The development is written in ABAP language using the SAP environment/framework, which is the SAP programming language in the SAP ERP system. This paper walks the reader from the emerging need through finding a solution to the implementation. As a result, the approval of access requests will be faster and more efficient and resistant for organizational changes and will also be better in the perspective of user access audits. It will reduce manual security operational tasks and the approval time of authorization requests.


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