Rigths Management in a Banking CRM System

OData support
Kunsági László
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays customer relationship management (CRM) is everywhere in the corporate world. Value of customers has become more and more appreciated in the last decade and the client based thinking started to spread. Knowing customers well is crucial to stay in competition and the financial sector players realised early the increased importance of proper customer relationship management.

In order to handle the sensitive data in the CRM supporting systems, you need to manage user rights properly. This thesis work aims to introduce how a new rights management system has been developed in OTP Bank in order to serve this issue.

In the beginning of this thesis document, I examine the CRM concept in general and its representation in the financial sector emphasizing the Hungarian market. It is followed by a more specified topic: CRM and its supporting system in OTP Bank. Then, the applied rights management method of the concerned system in the initial state of the project is presented. After that, the newly developed rights management solution is introduced.

My task was to identify the rights management related demands, define the development solution and translate it to database table level. Thus, the main aspects of the rights management solution are presented on database level. They are illustrated with sample screenshots for the better understanding of how the rights management is built up from program functions up to individual user settings.

I created a test plan for the Hungarian and subsidiary business areas of the bank and I took part in the testing, too. These steps are also introduced in this document together with the implementation plan. The developed solution is evaluated and summarised at the end.


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