Development of access manager subsystem for the Payflow information system

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology


Development of Payflow started two years ago. At that time, development goals were defined according to specific requirements. By the time, the success of the software challenged the subsystem in different circuimstances, in which they functionalities were unsufficient.

Redesign of the right manager subsystem based on knowledge and experience we collected in the past years. In cooperation with the CTO of the founder company I summed up the aspects in which the new subsystem should be more advanced.

Functional requirements

The new right manager subsystem could be described the best by it's behavior. These essential properties are effecting the installation, migration and administration as well.

Privileges, roles

A clear and productive administration requires option of grouping privileges in a role. A role is a set of privileges, which a user may have been granted.

Assigning a role to a user is a fast way to grant multiple privileges the user should get by the position the person represents in the system. Also, modification of the role's privileges is a very effective way to mass-update privileges on users with identical access level.

Local and global right management

Payflow information system manages multiple companies and sets of companies, named domains. Privileges granted to users must have their own scope, the level where the privileges has effect in. Privileges should be grantable on any level starting from local (company-based) to global (system-wide).

Easy administration

Information systems require very specific administration. As so, the administration must be as easy as possible.

The new right management system should be delivered with an administration interface letting the administrator staff grant privileges, manage roles and simulate test-cases as easyly as possible.


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