Development of a software for processing and relay KNX messages

OData support
Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Thanks to the rapid development of information technology intelligent embedded systems started to flood our everyday lives. More and more „smart” devices are produced day after day that are changing our daily practices. One major part of this process is the development of smart buildings and smart homes. To achieve this proper management, fast and accurate data collection and compatibilty among devices are indispensable.

Europe’s most widespread and famous home automation standard is KNX. The standard provides multiple methods for implementing device-to-device communication. In the last two semesters I had the chance to learn about how KNX systems work, how to program and operate them through the Engineering Tool Software (ETS) and build a useable KNX network. I explored the possibilities of the Calimero Java library and applied the knowledge to solve the problems in my project.

In my thesis I will present the reader the KNX bus network, its structure and its specifications. In the next step we will dive deeply into the Calimero documentation, learn about the available classes and methods. With this knowledge readers can understand how the visualization program operates.

The program can build up a connection with the KNX network, read its initial state and control the devices attached to it. It stores the information in a MySQL database in order to provide it to other external users. It can also detect bus changes and reflect to them by showing them on the user interface.

The program is prepared to cooperate with an Android application whose users also get notified about bus changes and can control the devices.


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