Electrical safety questions of MV/LV transformer stations

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Dr. Ladányi József
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Many problems for the consumers are caused by transformer stations which are built

near to the houses and flats. These problems cause huge damage to the consumers and

electricity provider as well.

The appearance of the transient overvoltages increases the number of damages in

electrical devices, such as TV, PC, DVD-players and telecommunication appliances.

The risk of damages are even worse if our appliances are simultaneously connected to

the low-voltage network and telecommunication network (for example fax, modem,


The thesis technical exploration of this issue provides background information on the

basis of national and international literature, and will also introduce the MV - LV

transformer substations, voltage security problems as well. Finally, computer simulation

can specify an MV / LV transformer substations expected step and touch voltage values,

and the potential increase in cases occurring within 1FN substation circuit. Based on

measurements give the normal operation expected maximum magnetic field strength in

the immediate vicinity of the transformer station. The calculated and measured results

are compared with the limits in force.


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