Building a KRESZ exam practicing application on Windows platform

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Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Smartphones are becoming more and more widespread in our age, and the needs for application development have also risen significantly due to a growing market demand. The most popular platforms are Android, owned by Google; Apple’s iOS; and Microsoft’s Windows platform. However, while there are more than three million applications available in the application stores of Android and iOS, there are significantly less, altogether 340 thousand, applications downloadable for Windows. Developing for this platform therefore promises more opportunities.

The purpose of my thesis is to develop an up-to-date application, one that fulfils modern user needs, for practicing for the KRESZ (Rules of the Road) examination on Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 platforms. I am making a universal software, that runs on mobiles, tablets, and in a desktop environment, and which provides a simple way for users to prepare for the first theoretical challenge of driving lessons, i.e., the KRESZ examination, anywhere and anytime. It is my goal for the graphical interface to conform to the guidelines put forth by Microsoft. By integrating a social medium, I allow users to log in and use the application with their existing profiles. Furthermore, I make it possible for users to prepare for the category of their choice, for which they purchase the question with a payment within the application.

In the first half of my paper, I will investigate the types of popular mobile platforms available, as well as the development opportunities for them. Afterwards, I write in detail about the evolution of Windows Phone operation systems, the structure of applications, and the tools necessary for native application development.

In the second half of my thesis, I map out the individual stages of designing the application. Based on existing solutions, I explain how my software offers more, then I give a preliminary overview of my realized application’s main functions, structures, and operation. Following this, I analyze the most important elements for the functioning of the finished application; finally, I mention some opportunities for further improvement.


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