Design of Ka-band low noise amplifier

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Dr. Seller Rudolf
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

The subject of my Thesis is the design of a Ka band low noise amplifiers realized with the use of unpackaged integrated circuits die. Demands regard to the specification of the amplifiers risen from a customer request received by BHE Bonn Hungary Electronics Inc.

Difficulty of the project dwells in the center frequency of the devices which is 35GHz. This frequency needs a manufacturing technology that is in experimental phase currently in the Hungarian telecommunication industry. Because the mmW ICs are not packaged the engineer using them must take proper care getting the high frequency signal on the surface of the chips via bonding.

The final device has to be capable of attenuating continuously its output signal with 10dB. The amplification has to be constant in an at least 1GHz wide symmetric range around the center frequency. The output power of the final device supposed to be monitorable with a coupler.

In my Thesis I introduce several designs using alternative solutions and the realization of one specific device.


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