Development of leak detection system for cable insulations for industrial environment

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Dr. Gordon Péter Róbert
Department of Electronics Technology

In the production line we often see leak detection for quality assurance or production feedback purposes. Because of the changing regulations and the competition between the factories to make better products it is sometimes neccessary to improve the leak detection for faster, more sensitive inspections.

The aim of my work was to develop a quality check work station for a factory which produces cables for automotive industry. The requirements were to build a work station which can check the leakage fast and repeatable around the insulation of a welding point.

The thesis includes the summary of basic vacuum technology and vacuum physics. During my work i collected and studied the methods and instruments of leak detection to find th ebest solution for the given problem. To get a clear view of my work in this paper you can find a detailed description of the steps which were neccessary to get the final solution. You can also find measurements taken with the final machine.

The control of the work station is executed with a Siemens PLC. In the document you can also find the description of the PLC program as well as the whole program in the CD attached to the Thesis.


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