Adventure Game Development with Unity

OData support
Rajacsics Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My task is to create a 3D game using Unity engine. The game (Quern) is a first person adventure and puzzle game set in a mysterious island. The map has an open world structure meaning the players can freely explore the island. The gameplay follows the main elements of classic puzzle games, but with completely modern graphics and controls. At first we have to face smaller, easier, independent puzzle challenges which we will need later on in the story line to be able to solve a much bigger and more complex mystery.

I’m creating the game with a 3 member team, Daniel Poszmik creates the graphic elements, models and level design, Marcell Kerepesi composes the music and sound effects, and I create the program itself.

According to the story, our character is trapped on this island by an egocentrical person who calls himself Professor. He talks to us through his letters that he left on the island. We never meet the Professor in person, but since there is no other option, he forces us to co-operate with him. Although we don’t know his goals, he tries to teach us everything he has learnt throughout the years he has spent in Quern in the most compact way possible. He prepared puzzles for us which quickly guide us through the results of his scientific research. On this island the present meets the past. Through studying the wisdoms of an ancient civilization and the Professor’s unique experiments we soon realise that natural laws in Quern are very different to the world we know.


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