Adventure game framework for mobile device

OData support
Dr. Szabó Róbert
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The student's goal is to create an adventure game story scripting language, and a script player/engine. The engine will run on iOS devices such as the iPhone, and enables the walkthrough of the story, saving and loading intermediate states. The engine will run 2D games where the user is carried through animated scenes in a story, with sounds and video inserts to enliven the experience. The outcome of the story can be changed with the choices of the user or through mini-games. The engine supports interactive dialogues, these scenes can also change the storyline.

The script language's and the player's building block is the scene. Each scene consist of (nested) layers of 2D images, sounds, background music, frame-by-frame animation, camera effects (e.g. shaking), timed and delayed parametric animation assigned to the layers (e.g. offset, rotation, scale). The scripter can assign events to the touching of layers, for example scene change, or starting a minigame. The story consist of scenes one after another.


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