Adventure tour games supported by digital devices

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Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

As a result of technical advance, almost all electric devices enable the usage of different communication technologies. GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC are the most important ones among them.

One of the most interesting fields where we can make use of the better and more complex functionality of these devices is during the planning stage of real-life adventure games, making them more interactive. These adventure games are varied, interesting group activites, which - despite being games - still prove to be useful. For example, they can help in group management or in improving one's individual skills. Among them are adventure tour games, and also the ever popular escape rooms.

Digital technology creates many opportunities regarding these games, for both the players and the organizers. Organizers can allocate tasks to the players using their mobile phones and tablets, and they are able to monitor the progress of each team too.

For solving their tasks, players can also use mobile devices which can automatically detect task completion - for example scanning an NFC tag or approaching an iBeacon -, thus minimizing the chance of foul play and human failure.

The main point of my thesis is to examine adventure games and finding opportunities to improve the experience these games give to the players by using today’s electronic mobile devices. In the process, I take part in designing and implementing a prototype system that supports these adventure games. This system will include a mobile application for the players and also a coordinator application to aid of the organizers.


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