Implementation of a camera interface system

OData support
Wacha Gábor József
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The Stereocake is a compact stereoscopy film production system which not only enables

half-professional cameras to make 3D films but also brings together and simplifies the work

of the crew.

The subject of this thesis is an ARM- and Linux-based device, which is part of the

Stereocake system. The device is capable of streaming the signal of a CMOS camera in

H.264 format, while receiving XML based instructions and handling the interface of a

real-time microcontroller.

The paper will discuss the chosen technologies in detail, and delve into the reasoning

for why they were picked for the task. It will present the concrete use-case, the GStreamer

framework which was used for the conversion and streaming, the protocolls, the Python

asyncore module and the SOCAT Linux command line tool needed for the Real-Time

microcontroller’s remote interface. The chosen methods of processing XML messages, the

options for implementing a SOAP interface in Python and C++ languages will also be


The thesis will describe the developed media server and the system which is required

for communicating with the real-time microcontroller during the remote maintenance and

firmware updating. The SOAP interface of the Stereocake and the controller will also be



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