Designing Control System with Camera

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Barta András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The paper gives a new perspective to the role of the digital cameras in applications of the control system theory, demonstrating the not trivial potentials of it, through a complex control project. It solves emerging issues relating to the design of a camera control system through the materialization of a two dimensional inverted pendulum.

Beyond theoretical descriptions, the thesis presents the control of a two dimensional inverted pendulum, that functions sufficiently in reality as well. The balancing of the pendulum is realised with a discrete state space controller, using DC servo drives, that are controlled with a universal soft-motion automation software Click&Move. In this system the visual feedback is presented with a low-cost device, a PlayStation®Eye camera, thats frames are processed with the image processing algorithm CamShift.

The structure of the thesis is the following:

Firstly I present the devices which was provided and was chosen to be able to accomplish the project. These include the chosen digital camera, pendulum and also a coordinate table. The third chapter is an overview for the one, who would like to take measurements by the information of the images taken by a camera. Here principally I would like to publish some popular image processing procedures, and detail the one I used. In the next chapter I expound the possibilities of the controlling of the plant, which I chose, widening the interest of the readers in topics. Afterwards I choose one of them based on simulational results, and realize it in the fifth chapter using the universal control software Click&Move developed by Advanced Motion Control Europe Kft. In this chapter I also detail the features of this software. The results of the project are evaluated in the seventh chapter, presenting several measurement diagrams, after I published an alternative solution to run Click&Move in an embedded environment, which was designed during my earlier work. Finally I mention some options of the further developement.


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