Analyzing capacity markets

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Dr. Vokony István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

It can be said that the European market as well as the individual markets are under transformation nowadays. This changing has been started in the ‘90s but finally it gets closer to a big turning point, the settlement of an integrated internal market. At the same time, the international decision-makers are in front of a task which needs the same high level of cooperation, analysis and planning. The elaboration of a group of schemes and regulations which can ensure an adequate amount of capacity after the establishment of the IEM is the next step forward.

The thesis starts with the electricity system participants’ short introduction and the review of market, part of which the reason and the results of the ongoing market coupling. The professional organizations planning at the European level are the ones which are to be introduced next together with the target model.

Solutions offering to ensure the adequate available capacity thus sustaining the security of supply are capacity mechanisms which are not yet mentioned much in Hungary. The most discussed mechanisms are elaborated after the explanation of their economic needs and effect on the electricity market. As a final the Hungarian market is being placed on the international map.


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