On the fly content pre-caching for mobile devices

OData support
Dr. Vida Rolland
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Last years were marked by the spread of smart-phones and wireless communication.

Along with it, the amount of data downloaded by users grew by leaps and bounds. From the different types of data traffic, the video should be taken into consideration as it is by itself amounts to more than half of the total, in case of mobile devices.

Within the framework of the present essay, our goal is to provide greater user experience by using the pre-caching method. Therefore, we try to put to use the property of the net that at certain places only weaker or no data-connection available. For this period, it is worthwhile to pre-cache the data so that the live contents viewed by a user at that moment (for example a video) would not disconnect, because of the connection’s quality. In certain cases, just the opposite prevails: the mobile equipment has a better data connection, so it is worthwhile to use these places so that in the next, weaker place of the connection, we can provide a better quality of the same content.

In my thesis, I introduce architectures of pre-caching systems, I sketch functional possibilities out of which I implemented one. The selected use case includes an adaptive video player, content storage and pre-caching logic on the client side. From the network side, we provide some additional information, so the client can change the download parameters influenced by the network feedback and the client’s own knowledge. With this, we can reach better quality during the playback and positive impact on the user experience.


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