Analyzes of the Switched Reluctance Motor drive's regulation and control with digital simulation

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Dr. Számel László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my thesis work, I simulated Switched Reluctance Motor drives in MATLAB/Simulink after I introduced its theoretical background.

The Switched Reluctance Motor is a robust electrical motor which can be very advantageous due to its simple construction and low manufacturing cost.

In the first half of my thesis, after overviewing the motor’s spread over the decades I present its physical construction, from the machine’s structure to the possible power electronic drives.

I introduce the motor’s area of applications, then I elaborate its negative nature, like torque ripple and noise generation during operation,after that I present methods for solving these problems. Then, over the methods of general drive controls, I review the solutions for torque control for Switched Reluctance Motors.

After all, I presented the model of the motor implemented in MATLAB/Simulink system. I performed the simulations for different kind of motor constructions and phase numbers, different kind of drives, then I investigated and rated the obtained waveforms for the variable parameters of the motor.


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