Simulation of switched reluctance motor drives with Matlab/Simulink system

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Dr. Számel László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my thesis work, I simulated switched reluctance motor drive in Matlab/Simulink system.

First of all, I described the structure, the construction types and the operating principle of the switched reluctance motor, I defined the basic concepts and presented the linear and non-linear description of the motor.

I listed some of the active area of applications, and I examined the possibility of electric vehicle application.

Then I presented the potential converter types using in switched reluctance motor drives with their operations, then described their advantages and disadvantages. They have been categorized according to application possibilities.

Furthermore, I presented the model of the motor implemented in Simulink system. I described the linear and nonlinear models, as well as the current-controlled and the voltage-fed mode, so their analysis. I presented the implemented drive system described by blocks and their operation.

I simulated the system by modifying some of the input parameters for different situations, then I analyzed and presented the simulation results based on several aspects.


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