Intercom with power line communication

OData support
Dr. Benesóczky Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In this paper I am going to present an intercom with power line communication I developed. I will describe the PLC technology starting with its general characteristics then I will collect the main application areas. I will focus on presenting smart house devices communicating over broadband Power Line. I am going to show an overall picture of the hardware system design. This includes the detailed hierarchical structure as well as the description of the different functional modules. I will justify the part selections by collecting their advantageous properties. The terminals are able to communicate with eachother by making data call and sending instant messages. The software I developed is designed according to the requirements of the PLC intercom. To test the applications I will use Android devices and emulators. I will evaluate the results of these tests to demonstrate the benefits of the Power Line communication. Finally, I am going to designate the opportunities for further development and summarize my work.


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