Elastic Character Skinning in Real-time

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Dr. Szécsi László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The last couple of years showed steady progress and novel ideas in the field of computer graphics. One of the most important directions of these innovations was improving real time animation solutions. A key area of the studies was the visual performance of real time character animations.

My thesis takes on processing the topic of real time deformation of character animations, a narrower subject in the intersection of the above-mentioned areas.

In the first part of the essay I examine and summarize the various methods of soft body physics and skeletal animation from the literature.

In the following portion, I introduce an example application that demonstrates the answers I have given to the various theoretical problems raised in the previous sections. I also write in detail about several algorithmical, architectural and implementation-related questions.

The last chapter contains the conclusions drawn from the implementation of the sample program I have created. I describe the testing methodology I employed for measuring my application from the performance and visual point of view. Among the closing words, I mention the possible enhancement ideas this project can use in the future.


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