Developing a maintainable and user-friendly web application using Angular JS

OData support
Dr. Dóbé Péter
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

With the appearance of new web technologies, web applications changed completely, it is easier to write well-structured, readable, maintainable and testable code. User experience, dynamic web content and responsivity became the priority. One of the most popular front-end framework is AngularJS.

With the use of this and other modern web technologies I built a maintainable and user-friendly web application, wich can be used to create different configurations. I also made unit tests using Jasmine framework.

I also developed the Java backend which communicates with the client using RESTful web service.

However in my paper, I put more weight on presenting the client side (rather than the Java backend), especially AngularJS, which has its own chapter.

Main technologies, frameworks, libraries used on the client side: AngularJS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5, Angular UI, TinyMCE, Jasmine.

Main technologies, frameworks, libraries used on the server side: Spring, Spring AOP, JAX-RS, Apache Tomcat.


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