A Tool for Aiding the Developement and Testing of a Carburetor Synchroniser

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Dr. Kolumbán Sándor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The subject of the dissertation is about a carburetor synchronizer made on the Department of the Automation Applied Informatics. The dissertation consist of two separate theme which are however connected with each other.

On the one hand I started to develop a PC software which is suitable for the testing of the device without engine. Thanks to this software the development of such devices is much easier as you do not need an engine if you want to try it. The only thing which you have to ensure is that the device supports the USB communication and know the protocol used by the PC for data transmitting. It is possible to try all the features of the device with this software and also you can make sure of measuring and displaying correct data by the device. Thanks to the diagnostics mode of the software it is possible to study the exact pressure changes versus the time in the carburetors of a real engine. In this mode the pressure changes are also displayed graphically similar to an oscilloscope.

The other part of the dissertation is related to the synchronizer not to the PC. First the USB communication had to be implemented to the device. Second the pressure sensors connected to the carburetors had to be sampled by the ADC module of the microcontroller. Finally a software interface had to be realized between the higher level (calculation, displaying) of the device and USB communication and the ADC module. This interface hide the source of the data from the higher levels of the device as the higher levels are not allowed to know whether the data given are coming from the USB bus or from the ADC module.


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