Design and Realization of a Carburetor Synchroniser Tool

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Dr. Kolumbán Sándor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics



My thesis task was to plan and realize a digital synchroniser device, which is able to harmonize the intake pressures of four carburetors.

At first, I had to learn the operation of petrol engine, especially to understand the functions and structure of the mixture device of the fuel supply system. It was also essential to get to know the process and importance of the carburetor synchronization procedure.

After studying the theoretical background of the problem, I did a survey among the available digital carburetor synchronizer devices. After classifying these instruments by their operating mode and major attributes, I defined the required and recommended features of a recent digital synchronizer device.

Considering the parameters of the pressure sensor, the testability aspects of the device and the requirements defined before, I chose the appropriate control unit among the optional microcontrollers. Then I selected the best fitting display to indicate the measured data.

Thereafter I designed the main block level hardware components, considering the chosen units and the requirements derived by the specification and I created the module level design of the firmware as well.

Following the planning phase the next step was the implementation of the block level designed hardware. During this process I had to define the adequate schematic, and choose the suitable electronic components as well. Based on the schematic I constructed a prototype of the hardware and tested its functionality. Then I implemented the designed firmware modules for the microcontroller.

Finally, I evaluated the job already accomplished, and composed future aims.


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