User interface development for cardiovascular diagnostics imaging devices

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Dr. Szilágyi László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

During my thesis I was working at General Electric Healthcare Hungary. During this time I deepened my knowledge in C-arm X-ray imaging, I read a substantial amount of literature both on X-ray imaging and design principles. I picked up a stable knowledge of the INNOVA C-arm system of GE including but not limited to technical specifications, functions, clinical usage and user experience. I assessed the patented (EP2573534) tableside control for Innova systems, codenamed Core. I understood the mechanical, electrical and software parts of the system. For implementing further improvements I first studied the real clinical usage of the system both in a Cathlab and in Neurointervension. I had the chance to collaborate with the medical doctors at the National Institute of Neurosciences for 6 months and managed to interview them based on different aspects that were relevant for my researches. Assessing the dimensions of the intuitive Core system I made the 3D model of the user interface using Computer Aided Design (Solidworks), and then I designed a plastic cover for it. Later this cover was printed using FDM 3D printing technology with a Maker Bot Replicator 2. I assessed the possibilities for further development like noise filtering which would eliminate the 'shivering' effect that is caused by the primitive tresholding algorithm of the current prototype. Investigating the faults of the current prototype I have suggested further development possibilities. Unfortunately the modification of the only one available working prototype would be a great risk, so the implementation of the new design in real life could not be carried out. Thus implementing the new designs in real life was out of the question. At the same time we wanted to go in a direction that could provide the possibility to exchange a whole circuit board thus reducing the risk of destroying the only working prototype. Given these conditions I focused on improving the measuring part of the system in theory. I made a conclusion of my work. Although the hardware improvement was less than that I expected when I started the topic, due mainly to the reasons mentioned above, the acquired soft information balanced this.


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