Mobile Application Simulating Card Game Gear

OData support
Simon Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Computer game versions of tabletop games did not make a significant threat to their physical counterparts until mobile computing (e.g., Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones) did not became common spread, as the social aspect of these games required the ability of face-to-face interaction which would have been hard to achieve using standard desktops. Now, we can see that there is a growing group of people preferring the virtual counterparts of certain board games because they see some added benefit in them. It might have some additional functionality that the physical version does not have, or simply the virtual version is good enough for the user and getting the physical one would be more expensive or less convenient.

The most common personal mobile computational device that we have today are smartphones. A modern smartphone can replace a long list of other simple tools and other devices. Thanks to that, we do not have to carry around as much as we used to and, since we have our mobile phone on us, we have much more possibility to use utilities of the replaced functions even if those cases cannot be expected.

A simple deck of cards, with some simple additional tools (e.g., notebook and a pen, poker chips/simple objects for marking something, etc.), in themselves can be used to play many different tabletop games. These games have many common themes in them, so it would be possible to create a set of utilities that would make the creation of computer game versions of them trivial.

Within the bounds of this project I have created such a toolset.


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