Card games in augmented reality

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Paróczi Zsombor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In my thesis I investigate the opportunities of the augmented reality systems which are even more popular nowadays. I analyse which are those display devices which could be usable in a system which goal is to increase the experience of a traditional card games.

My aim is to work out such a software system by the help of image processing and gesture recognition which is new in the market and ensure a new kind of gaming experience to its user which has not been available before. This new kind of experience could be ensured by connecting the virtual area and physical area.

In the first chapter of my thesis I show the importance of augmented reality systems. In the second chapter I will present the basics of augmented reality systems and image processing, then I will review the available technologies and the similar systems. In the third chapter I design a system for augmented reality card game and I implement a card recognition framework, focusing on the image processing algorithms. Furthermore, I specify the testing process and demonstrate the usage of the system through a card game.


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