Connection between the mood of speaker and the acoustical parameter his voice

OData support
Dr. Vicsi Klára
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In my thesis I examined acoustic parameters of recorded informal speech of a Greekscientist who works at the Concordia Station research facility on the Antarctica. This is a whole new research which’s ultimate goal is the early recognition of depression, because this can be life saving for a group living in such extreme conditions. The purpose of my thesis was to detect the typical parameters of the speech which show correspondence between the physical and psychological conditions.

In my thesis after I annotated the speech i.e. writed down the speech I created the summary table of the physical and psychological conditions. Then I segmented the already annotated speeches on a phoneme level. With the help of the PRAAT software I extracted the following parameters: vowel’s base frequency, jitter and shimmer values, the ’I’ note’s first and second formants’s frequency and the speed of the speech.

In the second part of my thesis I demonstrated the acoustic parameters' results and then in the end I presented my experiences and the possibilities of pursuing the subject.


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