Analysis of the controllability properties of chemical reactions

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Dr. Drexler Dániel András
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The controllability of chemical reactions has great importance.

It is applied in production of syntetic organic compounds, plastics and in electrical technology as well.

In the thesis I deal with controllability properties of chemical reactions. I study controllability of chemical systems, which has one input specially. The input is choosen as the concentration of one of the species participating in the reaction. I am looking for those species whose concentrations can be used as an input and the system becomes strongly reachable or even egzaktly linearizable. I also seek for the species whose concentrations should not be used as control input.

In my analysis I determine the dimension of the Lie algebra, which is generated by the input vector fields and the vector fields of the system. Using this Lie algebra I give conditions on the controllabily properties of the reactions.

First, I study the controllability properties of reactions with general structure, i.e. series, parallel and circular reactions. I prove that serial reactions are controllable only with the starting species concentration. I determine that the parallel reactions aren't controllable with the concentracion's changing, however the cycle processes are. I prove, the condition of controllability for one-step, not branching reactions to choose the input material from the starting species and that the concentrations of all other starting species that are not used as input must be strictly positive.

Finally I analyse the etanol sulphuric acid system to demonstrate how we can decide the controllability for special processes.


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