Implementing comfort functions in centrally controlled smart-homes

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Kardos Gergely
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In our days the number of smart-homes - which serve out our ever-growing demands for energy efficiency and comfort functions - is increasing. At the end of my BSc qualification I have built a smart-home system with some basic functions.

At the beggining of my thesis will be present the two standard type of the smart homes approach to the centralization. In the case of centralized control systems will be discussed the typical used topologies, modulation methods, data transmission channels, synchronization options, the possibilities for increasing the security of data transmission and some of the leader companies in the market.

I will be showing the decentralized control systems through the word standard KNX system. Also in this case I will be present the used topologies, communication channels, addressing and the telegraphy procedure.

An other important chapter of my thesis is the implementation comfort functions in centrally controlled smart-homes. I will be show over a full hardware design and implementation, which in this case is an automatic shutter actuator with a central unit. I will be present each design phase from the first steps of the harware design to programming the completed panels. The critical elements of the design will be explain in detail.


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