Image and video transfer using 32-bit microcontroller and sub-GHz ISM band RF chip

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

My thesis was creating an embedded system that transmits images and video wirelessly using a sub-GHz ISM band radio. As part of this thesis I had to develop a PC program that displays images and video stream of the camera. During my work I have used an EZR 32 Wonder Gecko based MCU, and development boards from Silicon Laboratories. The EZR 32 Wonder Gecko is a 32-bit processor with ARM Cortex M4 core and built-in sub GHz radio. These features and the low energy consumption make the EZR32WG MCU a great choice to accomplish this task. The computer application has been implemented using the Qt framework.

I used two development board, one on the source side, and the other on the sink side. On the source side the MCU handles the connection to the camera, and trasmits the datasteam to the sink side using the ISM band radio. On the opposite side, the processor receives the stream, and forwards to the PC, for further processing and displaying the video stream.

My task includes controlling the camera, transmitting data wireless, and visualizing image and video on PC. During preparition of my degree I had to get to know Silicon Laboratories MCU and radio. I had to explore what kind of cameras available on the in market, and how can I use them in my embedded system. Based on my search I selected two cameras. I had to learn how the cameras could be controlled, and how the images can be taken out from them.

Once I finished building the embedded system together I needed a PC application that are able to processes the datasteam, futhermore displays the images and video. I had to create a user friendly interface in order to that camera parameters and functions be configured.

At the end of the thesis I write about testing the system and comparing the result with other commercial systems on the market. I give suggestions for further development.


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