Localizing image files and embedded images in Open XML files

OData support
Dr. Dudás Ákos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Within my thesis I have expanded the memoQ translation environment with the opportunity of handling image files. The translation memory applications are usually used in case of text files but sometimes illustrations with transcripts have to be translated too. The implemented application components provide solution to this issue.

As a first step of my work I examined the Open XML format and its structure. This format is supported by Microsoft Office file types. During the examination I tried to find the answer, in what format and where are the embedded images located and what steps are needed to change them to new images.

In my thesis I describe the workflow of image file handling and the operations the translators can perform with images. I also examined the connection of these newly implemented actions and the existing ones.

In the second part of my work I demonstrate the implementation and integration of the functions to the context of memoQ.

Using my experience from examining the Open XML files I present how images, embedded in a Microsoft Office file, can be changed and how the content of an Excel file can be manipulated.

After the implementation I tested the completed components very thoroughly and familiarized myself with the different functions of memoQ in order to creating test scenarios to every case, using in a direct or indirect way the application parts created by me.

During my work I paid special attention to creating components which absolutely fit into the surroundings of memoQ tools and provide the users with a familiar and clearly useable environment.


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