Developement of image sensor modul for clinical rapid test equipment

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Dr. Benesóczky Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

At 77 Elektronika Kft., a Hungarian developer and manufacturer of medical

diagnostics instruments, new lateral strip flow equipment is being developed. New types

of CMOS sensors were chosen for the instrument which I designed the circuit for.

The two types of sensors manufactured by Aptina, the MT9V024 and MT9V022

can take grayscale pictures with 752x480 pixels and a color depth of 10bpp. These ICs

were applied to the four-layered PCBs with size of 50x38mm, along with the additional


On the camera panel there is an ADP8866 type of LED-controller IC

manufactured by Analog Devices, which is capable of driving 9 LEDs independently

with programmable current. The final hardware with the current design drives 2-2 LEDs

on two independent PCBs, besides on the camera panel there is a system LED.

Expansion is possible.

There is an EEPROM on the panel, which can store any specific settings,

identification data of the measuring device if necessary.

The camera panel was applied to an optical “tower”, which includes the lens.

The hardware can be connected through a 30-conductor ribbon cable to an Atmel

AT91SAM9M10-G45-EK type of development board. The video which is taken

continuously by the sensor can be viewed on the LCD screen of the development board

using the test application. Photos can be taken and stored on an SD card in BMP format.

The equipment has successfully passed the tests and is able to take pictures of

rapid test strips meeting the requirements.


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