Skill system in games

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Rajacsics Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, when people hear the word “game”, they immediately think of videogames. It’s not that surprising, because playing videogames is not only children’s hobbies for a while now. The competitive games where the main game mechanic is aiming and shooting, the competitive factor is based on good aiming skills, quick reaction time, good sense of direction, and sharp eyes to spot the often camouflaged enemy in a distance. These games are declining in popularity compared to the games, where the game mechanics are more complex, mostly thanks to the playable character’s skills. The fact that from the top 5 earning e-sport games in 2017 3 are MOBA type games proves the previous statement. In these kind of games the main factors for winning are: thorough knowledge of the abilities, good sense of tactical use of said abilities, and quick decision making.

Abilities can be very diverse, so implementing them can be a challenge from a game designer’s or a programmer’s point of view. The task of the thesis is to make a simple game with the aid of Unity3D, which contains the previously mentioned skills.


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