Usage of image processing in the field of industrial process control

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Due to the continuous development of image processing technologies, so called machine vision solutions, became widely used in the field of product quality control measurements. In the scope of my MSc thesis I had to get familiar with different machine vision software platforms and I had to focus to National Instrument’s Vision solutions, which can be integrated into LabVIEW and enables the development of customized quality control machines.

In the beginning of my thesis I provide an overview about the principles of industrial quality control and the design methods of machine vision algorithms. A well-made picture of the product makes the quality inspection lot easier and reliable, therefore I paid attention the hardware environment and equipment configuration during the work on my thesis.

Then I present the inspected product and the quality inspection requirements Afterward I wrote a detailed, step-to-step description of my LabVIEW based, product specific machine vision algorithm which uses the features of NI Vision Development Module.

After that I present the testing method and the test results of my algorithm and at the end I summarize the results and my experiences.


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