Implementation of vision algorithm to a 6-axis Universal Robots manipulator

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The goal of my thesis is to develop an equipment which make easier to programming


I constructed a vacuum gripper which has a camera as well. With that gripper we

can teach some pick and place application to the robot.

For teaching a new application we have to go through some basic steps. First we

have to move the robot to the waiting position, than we need to make an image

about the object which we want to manipulate. The third step is to move the robot

into the pick up position and lastly, we have to move the robot to the deploy position.

In the thesis I used an UR3 robot by Universal Robots which has some advantages.

The Universal Robots give an whole SDK to the developers which contains a lot of

helping scripts and examples. Moreover, the robot can positioned by hand in the

free drive mode so the user do not have to calculate coordinates or understands the

joint parameters.

For recognize the object and calculate the position of it we use the camera picture

and run some image recognizer algorithm.

The image processing algorithms are parts of the server program which also responsible

to handle the requests. The clients can give tasks to the server through a

well dened API.

The requests can come from the user program which run on PC and with that

the user can make a new or delete an old camera program.

The third program is run on the robot teach pendant. It is a graphical program.

From that surface the user can start the applications.


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