Image processing methods to diagnose teeth root canal

OData support
Dr. Szlávecz Ákos
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays, the development of information technology has an impact on the advancement of a number of sciences and disciplines, enabling them to progress more rapidly. The role of information technology in medical sciences is therefore decisive, since using IT methods and tools is a solution to many medical diagnostic questions and problems. Medical imaging is an important component of medical diagnostic methods and with IT support, the diagnostic decision making can be significantly accelerated.

My thesis focuses on the use of medical imaging techniques in dentistry, diagnostics and procedures supporting interventions. The difficulty of dental treatments is that the numbers of roots (root canals) of a given tooth and its curvatures are often unclear and difficult to recognize. The main purpose of my thesis is to determine the curvature and numbers of root canals of a given tooth in order to facilitate the establishment of the diagnosis and the interventions (for example root canal treatment) by the procedure I have developed.

In the first part of my thesis, I describe the main anatomical features of tooth and then I mention some methods of conservative dentistry that are relevant to my thesis. After that, I present the place of medical imaging in dentistry and presenting dental X-ray and CT imaging in this chapter. Going forward in my thesis, I present medical image processing methods and illustrate the general steps of an image process. In this chapter, I describe preprocessing, segmentation and morphology image processing methods, respectively. After that, I present a previously implemented image processing method in this topics that I used in my thesis, and then I demonstrate the root canal segmentation method that was implemented by me and the results of my segmentation process. In the last chapter, I make a comparative assessment between my previous results and my automatic segmentation method. My thesis ends with a summary of the results and the possible continuation directions of the project.


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