Image processing procedures in DSP environment

OData support
Dr. Rucz Péter
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Digital Signage Processors(DSP) have significant functions in embedded applications, which run on traditional desktop personal computer. These units have a common feature: the hardware structure and the instructions of the digital signage processors allows the use of these processors for specialized signage processing or communication tasks with high efficiency(fast or low power demand). The digital signage processors also can use as a co-processor with a traditional processor, increasing the performance and efficiency of the system. This thesis aims the eximination of use the digital signage processor as a co-processor in image processing which includes the cognizance of the characteristics of the digital signage processors, the programs of the digital signage processors, the structure SPM34CP signage processor card, the connection between the SPM34CP signage processor card and the host computer via PCIe, and the image processing functions in the Texas Instruments ImgLib DSP software module.


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