Baby monitor based on image recognition

OData support
Bányász Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

A baby monitor can possibly include a wide arrange of technologies including video, audio, web, etc. This modularity was exactly that peaked my interest when searching for a topic. I chose this topic to get an overall understanding of how a development of a full system application works from top-to-bottom, furthermore, I wanted to make a complete, functional package which serves a practical purpose.

Therefore, the goal was to provide at least the basic functionalities of a baby monitor, which usually involves live audio feed, temperature monitoring, sometimes even video feed. The plus step I wanted to take was in the video department. Aside from delivering the live audio feed and connecting a temperature sensor, I wanted to put a twist on the traditional motion detection based monitoring and chose a method based on object detection.

This feature makes the system to be able to differentiate between motion caused by the baby or somebody/something else. As this is by far the most complicated task I had to endure during my work, the main focus of this thesis will be revolving around the object detection and its implementation.

I wrapped everything together on a simplistic web interface, this way everything was in one place from the audio/video feed to the notifications to the log, easily accessible from any web browser.

The final product thus consists of the kernel driver I implemented to get the readings from the temperature and humidity sensor, the core program, which contains the audio and video detectors and the logger service. On the top of that sits the web interface that makes the monitoring possible and also changing the detection parameters.

This work makes it possible to track a baby’s movement with an appropriate cascade, receive a live audio and video feed via the web interface and to receive notifications about the interesting events. My work though not includes a mobile nor a desktop application that would make proper notifications possible, substituting them with notifications consisting of purely visual feedback on the web interface.


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