Using image based information for robot arm control

OData support
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Robotics is one of the most quickly developing engineering field in our age. The reason is that the robots may replace humans especially in repetitive tasks (e.g.: painting, assembly, etc.). Humans are no match for the precision, speed and working capacity of industrial robots.

With the spread of automation systems a higher autonomy is expected of robotized cells including sensing capacities similar to those of human workers. In a high number of applications this means machine vision.

My thesis deals with the application of machine vision in robot control to solve a sorting problem. The control program of a RV-2F-Q Mitsubishi robot arm uses the results of an image processing software run on a PC.

This was a complex task, the execution/solution of which requires familiarity with the robotic arm and its control system environments, the process of evaluating imaging information, and the possible communication paths and methods that implement information exchange among the various components of the system.


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