Development of an image manager SPA using Angular

OData support
Cserkúti Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

During the development of a digital interface there are plenty of functions, roles which require different kinds of knowledge, methods, methodologies. To synchronize these tasks and people assigned to the project a development process is necessary. This includes the use of one (or more) project management tool(s).

A development process of a digital interface usually requires a project manager and at least one designer. These people work on the product itself, they conduct the relevant researches, create the product’s visual appearance. These types of roles and the people fulfilling them need a platform to communicate with each other during the process. The subject of these communication processes is the digital product such as screenshots, drawings, and the iterations of them. Nowadays there are few high quality manager websites on the market that support the fast iteration processes, proactive communication, transparent version control and the revisions of the screens.

The goal of my thesis is to create a modern Single Page Application that offers an opportunity for up-to-date product management. The web application uses the free ASP.NET Core 2.0 webframework. It offers an opportunity for operations with servers based on Windows, iOS or Linux systems. The client side is created with the help of the great going, front-end web application platform: Angular framework, which is becoming more and more popular nowdays. The provider of the handling of the two technologies is Visual Studio 2017.

The knowledge and solutions acquired during the writing process of the application will support my progression during future employments in my life.


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