Development of a Picture Viewer application on the UWP platform

OData support
Kis-Nagy Dániel Dávid
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The history of photography goes back for two centuries. As time passed, devices developed, the resolution of images got better and the number of photos swiftly increased. A few years ago photos were taken analogously with photographic films, nowadays we take photos with digital cameras and smartphones. Today's photography leans towards digital devices, therefore we store our pictures on our computer, tablet or cell phone instead of our organised drawers. The claim for image and photo viewer applications rose, wherewith people can check the pictures, correct or modify them easily.

Windows 10 operating system showed up less than a year ago, so there are only a few applications available on the market of photo viewers since then. With the deployment of the OS, Microsoft created a new, easy to use platform called UWP (Universal Windows Platform). UWP is a standard platform, with which development became possible for other devices beside PC, that run Windows 10.

I developed an UWP photo viewer application within the confines of my thesis. It is easy to organize our taken photos and check them all either one by one, or as a slideshow. My application also implements a lot of photo editing functions, wherewith users can modify their images, put filters on them, undo the messed up modifications. At the end of the designing process, the complete set of photos can be converted into other formats and saved as needed.

In my thesis I am going to introduce other Windows 10 photo viewer applications, compare them with mine and detail a few possible improvements to increase the user experience.


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